Here We Go!!

Welcome! I am happy you have found your way here.

So what is this blog all about? As the name infers…I am about to navigate the ‘Golden Years’.  I am now 67!  Ouch!  It hurts to think about.  I am now a member of the Senior Class  This blog is for us….you and me….because I want to look at these coming years with a questioning, thoughtful eye and, hopefully, with humor.  I plan to write thoughts down and I welcome your input as well. I am planning to write a new blog as often as possible so please watch for them! There will be tears and regret I am sure because life is what it is. This is the stage of life when we get to relax and live…right?  What is in store for me and what changes will I make along the way?  I want to look forward with a smile in anticipation.  It’s a bit unnerving to be honest.  The unknown normally is.  It will be an adventure that’s for sure!


12 thoughts on “Here We Go!!

  1. Gene Watkins says:

    Talk about getting distracted…O.K. I am back to continue reading your blog and I just finished late 2015 and you reminded me about one of the little pleasures in life that I completely forgot about for the past 20 years. “The muffled sounds and silence after a deep snow fall.” No snow out here in the San Francisco Bay area so I haven’t experienced that in a very long time. Thanks for the December 2015 entry to stimulate that buried memory.

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  2. Gene Watkins says:

    Making my way through your blog postings in the order they were written. You had me laughing about greetings and hugs. Back in 1992 I moved from New Jersey to the San Francisco Bay Area. Out here everyone hugs and it isn’t just a Marin County thing. Just think of what a community would be like where all the flower children finally settled and raised their families, that is Marin. We live over in the East Bay about 35 miles from SF and everyone here hugs also. You get used to it after a while.

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  3. Eric Goldstein says:

    Thanks so much for blogging Leigh. Two big things right now are glad that we have someone in the class doing this next I intend on making another effort at blogging. Word Press is not easily supported by Apple or so it seems. I will be using Google’s Blogger but it is clumsy. I hope I can find something better yet very simple. Your content is great and the look right to the point


  4. Ted Mozer says:

    I retired in 2009. After working multiple jobs most of my life I thought that I would be bored in retirement. Nope. I have my routine and keep active. Works for me.

    I knew I did not want to stay in NJ (we had a very nice house in a very nice community in Brick NJ for 30 years), mainly because of winter. I hate winter! Anyway, we had vacationed several times in the Myrtle Beach area and I thought it would be perfect for us. We purchased a new-construction townhouse in a Murrells Inlet community (Park West) and closed a couple weeks after my official retirement. Still having our house in NJ we traveled back north for the holidays that year (2009) and returned to SC after New Years. Shocker! It was very cold that winter everywhere (2009/2010) and we found SC to be much colder than we anticipated. I had spent some time in SW Florida for work a couple years before and liked the Ft. Meyers area. Watching the stock market eat away at my retirement savings I told my wife that we should drive down to SW Florida and look around, especially since the price of housing in FL was bottoming out. We were able to pay cash for a nice condo in Naples so we now had a winter refuge. My son and daughter-in-law were able to purchase our home in Brick which left us without a home in NJ. A retired trooper friend of mine said that the condos in Leisure Village East, just a couple miles from out Brick home, were going cheap. Knowing we would want to be in NJ from time to time and not wanting to have to stay with family, we picked up our third home in Lakewood. Now we migrate with the geese.

    Since we have our pug, we do not fly between. However it is 11 hours from Lakewood to Murrells Inlet. It is 11 hours from Murrells Inlet to Naples. While the drive has become routine, I do hope I live long enough to have a self driving vehicle!


  5. Hello George and thank you for writing! I agree not to follow the kids. This time only! In fact, we moved away and now going home and they are still there. Is that following (hmmmm unsure!!) If they should move from the Atlanta area then we will move to sunny Florida perhaps. I want to check out your family blog. What is the link? How lucky you were to visit your Uncle’s farm. Sounds delightful. Happy days ahead! Leigh


  6. good luck in your writing endeavors- I’ve been retired for 11 years already- and still…everyday’s a mystery- 1 piece of advice to all my favorite baby boomers- don’t try to follow your kids- we moved to Pittsburgh to be close to our oldest son & D-I-L- and three great grandkids after they bought their “forever” home- 2 years ago our son decides to move the family to San Francisco and goes to work at Google- I hear similar stories from many folks here in FLA- where we have been for the past four winters.

    also- from my family blog- “one of my favorite childhood memories revolves around trips we would make to my uncle bill’s farm- a dilapidated group of structures that were in the middle of what is now Vincentown- we would stay over many summer nights and pick corn and strawberries right from the fields- we would walk to the country store where we would have double-dipper cones- UMMMM- good!- and play the days away and invent games, put on skits and so on (I was always asked to do my rendition of blue suede shoes).”

    thanks for sharing- long may you run!

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  7. Thank you for your message. As I move quite quickly to 70 I am wondering what body part will fall apart! LOL


  8. I so agree! My major problem is trying to do something on my knees! Oh my…..arthritis has set in. Thank you for your message. I so appreciate it!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Leigh! Many of us are embarking on the long awaited “golden years”. My father’s sense of humor dubbed them ” the rust belt years” LOL


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Leigh! We are all older than we ever thought we would be. I think we assumed we would stay young forever. Age is for old people. I still feel like I am 30 in my mind until I look in the mirror or try to do something physical. Has anyone else experienced what once took an hour to do can now take all day?


  11. Difficult for us. My parents both have passed and the holidays are always both happy and sad. Thank you for writing! It is appreciated.


  12. Susan Cerrone says:

    Thank you for giving your fellow Senior, from the Class of ’67 At CHHSW, the link to your blog. Your sentiments touched me, especially during this holiday season, when my parents are no longer with us.


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