Where does the time go?  How many times have we heard that time flies when you are having fun?!  Well, it certainly does….NO JOKE! So here I am trying to write my opening blog geared to my generation and to satisfy my writing itches.

Bear with me. I feel it necessary to write a bit more about ME.  I am not unusual but if you are reading this then, perhaps, you also need to know from whence I came.

A child of the 60’s.  That is me.  The 60’s were certainly my formative years.  I am unsure as to what that means exactly but before my high school years I was not being informed.  High School changed all that.  We were the flower children weren’t we?  I am a bit boring, however, and not a flower child at all.  I followed the rules as much as possible.  The times they were achanging in the 60’s.  I was pretty much oblivious of it all.  My mind was filled with thoughts of boys, clothes, dancing and seeing the world.

I was a late bloomer.  At 17 I went off to college not knowing what the heck I was doing, why I went to college and I certainly had no guidance or directives. So, in my sophomore year I quit college and decided to work until I saved enough money to fly to Europe and see the places up close and personal…those cities I had only dreamed about visiting.   So off I went all alone at 18.  I had found my true love.  I knew then that I had to see as much of the world as possible.

Home again I decided to drive across country with my Mustang rag top down.  New Jersey to California where I hoped to snag a job at Disneyland.  No such luck.  After all I had little to offer. After a couple of weeks in California I drove back to New Jersey and to a life full of questions.

I wasn’t doing anything else of importance so I decided to go back to college and finally at 25 I graduated from the New Jersey college system. Yippee!  A college graduate!  So, now what??

My career actually began when I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts where I worked as a Secretary for Archibald Cox a Special Prosecutor during the Watergate time.  Yes, I said ‘secretary’.  In those days that is what we were and NOT administrative assistants!  My love of the law began and for the years ahead I found myself in large law firms working as a paralegal (or legal assistant if you prefer) in litigation.  That was my career.  But life happens when we don’t expect it.

My personal life and happiness began when I met my soul mate and we were married when I was in my early 30s.  Decisions were made and my life as a stay at home mother began when I gave birth to a beautiful little girl one month early.  Children, career moves for my husband, pets, houses and all the ups and downs of life.  Children grow up and move out (if we are fortunate) and they mature and marry their own soul mates and the cycle of life begins again.  Grandchildren are born and grow.

Time certainly flew and here I am at 65 years old and facing retirement.  Who knew??



2 thoughts on “Lesson #1- TIME FLIES WHEN WE AREN’T LOOKING!

  1. I just don’t know the answer to the ‘comment’…..I am frustrated beyond!. I remember the days of top down and hair flying!!!! Corvette? Nice! Love your comments.


  2. tprnj49 says:

    Comment Lesson #30. This seems to be the only place with a place for comments. I started buzzing my head when I had my Corvette because what hair I had then blew around like crazy. At this point in life I still buzz, with my wife’s ok, because I am now too lazy to deal with the work.


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