…..Indeed, here we are!

If we are lucky retirement is discussed and retirement may begin. But gone are the days of the husband receiving a gold watch.  It’s now ‘so long and don’t let the door kick you in the arse’! We now describe ourselves as ’empty nesters’……I’ll take a huge step and assume that term comes from our winged friends. Interesting that we mere mortals use a term that connects us to the bird world. In any event there we were the very typical empty nesters.

This is where we have been for the last year or so. Empty nesters. Big house for 22 years needing a ton of work INSIDE as well as lots of landscaping and yard work that needed weekly upkeep. Decisions again and these were mighty BIG decisions which had to be made and it was nothing at which to sneeze! You may be thinking that you, too, are in this place and decisions are looming.  I have a great deal of empathy for you.  Believe me!

My husband had planned for the day he was going to retire.  He looked forward to it!  I, on the other hand, was not.  I was concerned for all the obvious reasons ie money, security, selling “my” house, moving away from “my” children, moving away from “my” friends.  A woman feels this connection more so than a man.  I am convinced of this.  I didn’t think my husband cared two hoots about moving and cutting our ties.  I don’t know about you but I think the woman usually brings the socializing with other couples to fruition and not the man.  Not always but usually.  We had always socialized with couples where I was already friends with the other woman.  Anyway, that is why I say “my friends”.  I KNOW….this may not be the case with you but I can’t think of any couple where this is not the case.

I have begun to think more deeply about life and to think about where these Golden Years will take me. Maybe I am becoming wise! … or maybe not……In any event I had better hurry up with this retirement business and accept what is and what is not.  Who knows how many years I have left?  I must stop worrying about things that I have no control over….like my retiring.  After all, my husband has been bringing home most of the bacon over many years and he deserves to retire when he is able to.  Stop my complaining and move on I say….I am fortunate and able to retire.  I will make the best of all of this…..growing ‘older’ , selling the house, moving away from the kids and my friends.  I just have to keep smiling!  I must find humor in most things and in most situations going forward.

As Dr. Seuss says:

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.”

Here we go!


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