Lesson #6 – Hey Mikey…..we have a contract!


Yep…..a contract!

In five short weeks we had a contract very close to our asking price. Yippee! We won and the realtor lost although her commission had increased but I found solace that we were correct in the price setting department. However, in the middle of my gloating, depression set in and I wondered what in the world we had done??? Why were we selling? Can we get out of this contract? Remind me again why we were selling? Tell me again where we are going now? What are we going to do with all of our furniture?? HELP ME SOMEONE!

My husband had made the grand plan.  Sell this house and move to our lake house.  One problem with this plan.  Our lake house is just that.  It is a summer weekend house and not built for year round living.  That means very little insulation and no heat for that matter!  We do have a wood burning stove which emits quite a lot of heat but I find myself coughing at the mere thought of that wood burning heat.  I have gotten pneumonia in that house before and I fear the worse.  OK, I have to trust my husband.  He wants to take a year ‘off’ and decide where we want to live.  We can go to the beach mid stream during the very cold months.  Sounds ok but I had serious doubts about this plan.

No time, however, to dwell on my doubts.  We had to move out….. So we did what most intelligent couples would do.  We rented a storage unit.  Two in fact.  One for our furniture and the other for boxes and junk.  First, I sold quite a lot of my furniture since I saw no need to move furniture into an already furnished lake house.  I did wish to save favorite pieces of furniture much of which came with us from England and also furniture that originally belonged to my grandmother.  Through Craigslist I was able to sell a lot and I have no regrets.  My thoughts turned to Pottery Barn and buying all new!  If Bob was putting me through all this then I will have NEW furniture and price be damned! Just kidding : )

By the time we had the contract we had to patiently survive many showings and as is the rule we had to leave the house and escape for two hours with each showing.  I played a game when I returned after a showing.  I tried to see where the people had been and what had been moved and if anyone had sat on my couch or my bed.  Pillows were moved every time and once there was a little body imprint in the middle of my King bed…..my thoughts turned to who in the world would allow their children to lay on my bed?  And if you did, then for heaven’s sake, smooth out the quilt!  Wandering eyes went everywhere…..the pantry, linen closets…..there is no safe place in a house on the market for junk.  Hope they didn’t go into my underwear drawer.  Or worse….the dirty laundry hamper.

People would drive by our house very slowly taking a peek and I often wanted to yell at them and say….”What the hell are you looking at?”  Not a very good attitude when you are trying to sell your house.

One woman in our neighborhood actually called our realtor and told her we should cut some bushes on the street and that it would look a lot nicer!  Really?  Apparently, she was a master gardener and had a strong opinion about our landscaping.  Why in the world wouldn’t she just put a note in our mailbox?  Odd she called our realtor.  Have to say, though, we did pull those bushes out and it did look better!  Thank you master gardener neighbor.

Many a night after the manual labor was completed I would sit and look around my house and remember all the good times our family had there.  When it was quiet and peaceful.  That was the hard part.  Remembering.  But, I know that my memories will always be with me and they aren’t left in the house.

We are moving on into this retirement phase.  Lord help us.




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