Lesson #7 – Sunday Rest





I am looking back at some of my posts and I realize I am a bit negative about retirement!  Whoa is me.  I really don’t want to be all negative and as I have said early on I want to look at this phase with a smile.  I really do!  Sunday Morning helps.

‘Sunday Morning’ with Charles Osgood as host.  We try to watch this show every Sunday.  There is something very relaxing and uplifting about it.  Osgood’s voice is like the voice of Frank Sinatra crooning a love song.  The show is straight forward and the news portion of the show is the way news used to be given.  No political sides with the opinion of the newscaster being the prevalent mission.  Osgood says it like it is…..the news is reported without his feelings thrown in.  Just give us the facts and we will form an opinion ourselves.  I like that.  I have always been a person that has followed the political world but I am becoming less interested in the craziness of Washington and our elected politicians.  It seems to me we need more shows like Sunday Morning.

The features are inspiring and after I watch I wonder what it would have been like hiking in China looking for that snub nosed, pink lipped monkey that is so rare.  Or maybe I should have been a mountain climber trying to reach the summit.  It is like a good book really…  disappearing into the story and wondering what it is like.

Sunday is a day of rest and there will be no more political shows telecasting on my TV on Sunday.  I will not be thrown into a state of depression over this country and the Washington elite.  I will watch Sunday Morning and be uplifted into the dream world.  I will save the hard news and the outrage and outcries for the weekday evenings when our world seems to be going down the tubes.  That is when I will be anxiety ridden and depressed over what our government is doing and wants to do from both sides of the aisle.  My mother always used to say, “What is this world coming to?”  Today I say the same.  Like mother like daughter I suppose.

Sunday….a day of rest!  NOT!!!  Things to do, people to see and places to go….that is our real Sunday.  But for a little while on Sunday morning I can just relax with my cup of java in hand and escape with Mr. Osgood.  Wonderful!


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