Lesson #8-Hey Kids…Let’s Go to the Lake!


Well, here we are…..at the lake.  Now, normally, I would just love being at the lake.  But, mind you, it would be June and the grass would be green, the water getting warmer and people in all the surrounding houses.  Do I “love” the lake?  Well, let’s put it this way.  It has always served us nicely as a ‘getaway’ from our home in Marietta.  Only 2 1/2 hrs. door to door.  A comfortable cabin and steps to the boat and to the lake.  Beautiful views.  Yep.  I agree.  The view of the lake is quite beautiful normally.  Winter is not June.  Can’t even begin to compare.  Where the heck are all the people anyway?

We bought the lake house when my daughter, then 14, had decided that camping was no longer an interest.  We had started camping when we lived in Phoenix.  We ‘tented’ it and moved up to a ‘pop up’ and we had a great family time each weekend.  The popup camper was large enough to accommodate the five of us (me, husband, daughter, son and our faithful companion, Brandy)  Life was perfect.  We would head up to the Ponderosa campground near Flagstaff and enjoy almost every weekend until it got too awfully cold.  We did have a heater built into the camper and we did take full advantage of that heater most weekends.  It is cold in Flagstaff hence the popular downhill skiing which we also enjoyed in the winter months.  I still can’t believe how young my son was when he would barrel down that mountain with no fear and beat us all to the bottom!  Preschool to be precise…..maybe 3 years old?  No fear.  Anyway, back to camping!

We moved from Phoenix to Marietta and we actually camped many times in the beginning of our lives there.  However, we graduated from that popup to renting a cabin on Lake Hartwell.  We liked that!  We were ocean people and every summer we took a vacation at the beach.  But, hey, this lake business may be nice too!  Fishing, swimming, not far from home.  “I could do this” I thought.  This would be fun for the family and keep us weekending together before that awful time when our children would not want to spend their precious weekends with US….their uncool parents.

My daughter liked the cabin life as did our son and we decided to, perhaps, buy a cabin as a getaway for us…..There are lots of lakes in Georgia and in North and South Carolina.  We found one that was little known and the most beautiful.  In fact, someone told us to take a look at ‘our lake’ before we bought a lot or a house anywhere else.  We would fall in love and we did!  Beautiful mountains …. the Appalachians and the southern point of the Smokies (?)….I failed geography.  The lake is normally empty of boaters and it half lies in Georgia and half in NC.

We found a cabin across from the lake….with a lake view but without the lakefront price.  It was rough and needed lots of work.  But the price worked and after a bit of negotiation it was ours.  My daughter was happy….she had her own room and she could ask friends to come for weekends.  My son was happy for all the same reasons.  Fishing, swimming, boating and just relaxing away from it all.  In the Fall the house was closed up for the winter and the pipes drained.  No heat.  We did visit the lake house a few times when it was cold but I was not a fan.

So here I sat.  At the lake house.  No heat and only A/C units in some of the windows.  Chilly and bleak.  To make matters worse the lake is down this year…..way down.  U G L Y to say the least.  WHAT IN THE %*@#?!! HAVE WE DONE????  Depression, shock, that sinking feeling.  I really believe I was in a state of shock.  This was certainly not what I had in mind for retirement living.  Bob’s voice spoke in my left ear….the one that is always closed up because of an eustachian tube malfunction…..”We will only do this for a year and decide what we want and where we want to be”………Hmmmmmmm……….W H A T????? a year you say??????  I really DON’T think so.  I decided to go back to Marietta at least once a week to see those I love and go to doctor appointments, have my oil changed, get gas and visit Publix…..all the necessary chores one does in a populated area.  Did I mention there are no doctors, no Krogers or Publixs (Publixes?) in my part of the world?

I wanted to not have unhappy thoughts so I went to my happy place.  I spoke to myself in my stern voice……’It’s only for a year……it’s only for a year……..”  Bob called me once while I was in the populated Marietta and said to me….”This really is a dump!”  I guess he was having a meltdown in his own way too.  YES.  I KNOW.  We are thankful we have a roof over our heads and we are thankful we have our health.  I could also hear my mother’s voice in my other ear.

Soon after moving our thoughts turned to nicer and more exciting thoughts…..Vacation!  We were going to Europe to celebrate retirement.  WOO HOO.  Thank goodness, I could leave the lake house!







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