Lesson # 17 – MUSIC CITY!!

nashvilleOne of the best benefits of being retired is the ability to take mini vacations in the middle of the week.

I seem to have to be pushed lately ‘to do’  since I am, for the most part, task driven.  It takes me a while to start a project but once I do I want to get it done and checked off of that ever growing ‘to do’ list.

Not so with my husband. He sees the broader picture. Thank goodness he is like that or we wouldn’t enjoy mini trips! All work and no play makes us grouchy and dull.

Nashville, Tennessee. Never been ever! Only four hours from past and present home. Who knew Nashville was so fun!  As luck would have it Nashville was on my personal bucket list.   My husband pretty much pushed me to make reservations at the Grand Ole Opry.  I did even though we could only reserve two of the last remaining seats in a row in front of the very last pew.  No problem.

As luck would also have it we arrived in Nashville on the first day of the “hot” CMT week. Woo hoo!  Again, who knew?  Never heard of CMT week nor most of the country ‘stars’ arriving in Nashville for the CMT Music Awards to be televised.  How does a person reach the age of 65 not knowing what the CMT week is and when it is?  It is a bit embarassing but if you asked me about Motown I would venture to answer about 95% in the correct column.  Go me!

We loved everything about Nashville….Broadway with all the bars (honky tonks), all the various types of country music (and not so country) the ice cold long necks (you just have to drink beer!!) the cowboy boot retail stores, the hat stores and the strong scent of leather in each! Prices for every pocketbook….so many things to see and do or you may just relax in a bar and listen to some good music and eat a great rack of ribs.  Heart attack city but worth it ‘just this once’!

Good planning because we hoteled it right in the middle of the action.  Tons of walking.  Which reminds me I must buy a pair of walking shoes for hot weather.  Ouch.

When we arrived in Nashville it was pouring buckets but we ventured out anyway with brolly in hand. By the next morning it was nothing if not so hot and so humid…not great weather to walk and see the sights. We pushed on….keeping hydrated along the way!

Typically, Nashville, I have been told, has something always going on outside the ordinary. This was true for us.

While sitting in a bar on Broadway enjoying some great music a film crew focusing on Lady Antebellum and many cute young things came strolling past the bar….not sure if they were filming a video or a ‘short’ for the CMT Awards or…..?  It took hours to get it right I assume since they walked past with music blaring, mouthing the words with the guitar players ‘faking’ it all many many times.  Where else could I be about 10 feet from Lady Antebellum?  OK……guilt setting in.  This is where I admit I have never heard of Lady Antebellum nor ever listened to their music.  So sorry Country fans.  I love them now however….promise!

Stages were being built all over Nashville for free concerts since it was CMA week…we were given tickets to be part of the audience for Florida Georgia Line and Chesney. It was fun to watch the taping of FGL but couldn’t stay for Chesney…..we had those almost back row tickets to use.  OK you guys….I do know who Chesney is thank you very much……but FGL?  Never mind.

If you have never been to the Grand Ole Opry all I have to say is you absolutely must go.  Doesn’t matter if you like Country or not.  It is just good ole(!!) grand FUN.  A radio show with a good ole announcer.  Three songs each multiplied by 8 singing groups.  Even with our bad seats we were able to enjoy Carrie Underwood, Easton Corbin, Scotty McCreery, Mo Pitney, Billy Currington, among others whose names have escaped me….I’m getting ole…….er……old.

We will be returning to Nashville when the weather turns cooler.  Looking forward to it.  So much more to see and do.  However, first we must plan our next mini vaca when the weather is more accommodating.  The sky is our limit. Well, actually a four hour drive is my limit. Retirement can be quite fun! So go for it and explore even those cities you think may be outside your comfort zone.  Report back Y’all!



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