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Lesson #20 – OMG BTW Thank u! ♥ it!! lol

quillThank you notes!  WAIT!!  WHAT??  Does anyone out there write thank you notes when you receive a gift? Or, because of the ease of texts and emails, may we just shoot a text off to say thank you?  Is this ok?

I’m sounding OLD here but……….I raised my children to sit down and write thank you notes. I plopped thank you cards, a pen and a list of who gave them what in front of my children many atime.  The note could be short and sweet and usually was but that’s ok.  Stamped and out to the mailbox.  DONE!!  I hope they still follow their ‘growing up’ rules.

On the flip side, those of us in my generation do expect thank you cards.  Am I right? Can I hear an ‘Amen’? Do we get them?  Usually not but we certainly hope we will.  People like to know that the recipient in fact, did receive the gift, and also, perhaps, even liked it!  Brides normally write thank you notes. That rule is in the Bride Etiquette book included in the top ten things a bride must do.  Thank goodness.  Nice!  If brides do it why not everyone else?  Rarely do I receive a thank you note from the younger generation but I do appreciate them.

The same with greeting cards.  For the life of me I don’t understand how those greeting card companies stay in business.  It must have something to do with our generation…..we are the largest profiled group for marketing…..I think!  I still send out cards…..birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc. etc.  I have to admit I am receiving fewer Christmas cards each year and it is sad.  Those Christmas cards (oh, sorry… be PC… cards) are welcomed and I love receiving them from friends and family……I don’t want to lose touch with anyone.  I also have this need (and desire) to update mailing addresses.  have to admit I do like those two page single spaced update letters from friends and relatives that broadcast how great and perfect their family is and what countries they visited that year.  I am not buying that their family is sooooo perfect anyway but I enjoy reading them.  There!  I said it.

I don’t believe my children’s generation even send out greeting cards much anymore.  A text covers it.  Emails, if you have noticed, are becoming extinct as well..the ones from friends.  Too wordy and too time consuming I suppose.  If you miss getting emails, just get on the email list of your favorite retailers and they will send you several per day.  SAVE ME!

Let’s not even talk about writing…..LETTERS!  OMG……who does THAT anymore?

I miss the days I received letters from my parents and my husband’s mother.  I still have many notes and letters from my own mother squirreled away and I enjoy pulling them out once in a while and rereading them.  Gone are those days completely.  We only receive bills in the mailbox if we aren’t ‘with it’ and haven’t signed up for on-line banking, auto pay and whatnot.  Whoa.

I heard a woman the other day complain about our schools not teaching cursive to young children anymore.  For those younger readers…cursive is when you write each letter and connect them….or something like that.  Anyway, schools aren’t teaching cursive anymore?  Really?  I suppose when my grandchildren are older and in school they won’t use anything except a computer and there will be no need to write anything.  The times they are achanging.  Maybe it’s not a shame.

Changes are hard to take but I will admit that I like the computer age, the I Pad, the I Phone and I love texting.   With these I would be lost!!  Remember when we did write letters?  My hand would cramp and I would get bored and I would just move on and do other things.  I did keep a journal but I never wrote as much as I do now so it is a good thing….these changes.  I write a lot of texts and as much as the next guy.  I text my children and my friends and I try to keep up with their daily lives.  It does make my life easier to write ‘Hi!  Thinking of you!’…..Not enough to pick up the phone mind you….but thinking of you!!  ♥ u!!

Gotta run!  Text me later!




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Lesson #19 – Memories of my Grandfather

hummingbird redthroatWhen I was a very little girl (probably 4 years old) I was fortunate enough to visit my grandparents in NY …. Syracuse I think.

The house was stately with a lovely huge foyer that opened to all the rooms on that floor.  To the right was the living room where a beautiful piano stood gleaming in the morning sun waiting to be played.

It was a beautiful old home well taken care of sitting on a well manicured lot. I remember the grand staircase with a dark wood shiny railing that I loved to touch and run my hand along as I ran up or down the stairs.

My bedroom was upstairs and down the hall. Two single beds were covered with chenille bedspreads

and it always had a nice clean flowery scent.  Soft clean sheets that were dried outside on the line.

Every night without fail my grandfather would read from “The Wizard of Oz”.  I would escape into Dorothy’s world until my eyes would grow heavy and my grandfather kissed my forehead and I would drift off to sleep feeling loved and secure.

The kitchen was a large country one and in the morning it always smelled of freshly baked muffins and bacon. It was a safe and welcoming room and a wonderful place to wake up from that little girl fogginess fresh from a deep sleep full of sweet dreams.

Pancakes every morning and when asked if I would like “just one more” I would say “maybe a little one”…..out would come the smallest little pancake I had ever seen. Probably the size of a dime. No, smaller. I would giggle over the silliness of it all. Nothing ever tasted as good as those pancakes.

I adored my grandfather who made everything fun especially when he wiggled his ears much to my delight. He could make me laugh and giggle without notice.

He always wore a hat….the style that actors wore in those movies of the 50s.. probably because he was bald and Syracuse could be rainy and chilly but because, too, he dressed impeccably in his starched white shirt with tie and spit shined shoes with a freshly pressed suit. Off to work every day. I missed him those work days. But in the early evening, like clockwork, I heard his car drive up the driveway.

I was thrilled he was finally home! I hid underneath that piano off the foyer and waited. My dear grandfather would open the door and in his soft voice he would say “where is Leigh? Where is my Princess?” I would hide until I just had to jump out from my hiding place and give my grandfather the biggest hug I could muster!

He would take that hat off and rub his hand over his head smoothing his hair that was no longer there.

My fondest memory of my grandfather was when we would sit on the screened porch in the back of the house. A large porch full of white wicker furniture. Enveloping the porch were beautiful flowering Hydrangea in hues of blue and lavender. It was a special time between a grandfather and his granddaughter.

That summer is when I discovered the smallest and most wondrous of all creatures..the hummingbird. We would sit quietly until he would point to one outside flying erratically around the Hydrangea trying to find sweet nectar. There were many flowers in the garden but for whatever reason those hummingbirds would give us a show near the Hydrangea.

My love of hummingbirds began that summer with their introduction to me from my grandfather. I can still feel the childhood wonder I felt so many years ago.

Today, 62 years later I am sitting on my own porch and watching the little creatures fly erratically stopping for a drink of sweet nectar. I am only four feet away from them but they know I can be trusted to do nothing but admire them and escape into sweet memories.

Those sweet memories of my grandfather live in my heart forever and I thank these little creatures for reminding me today of the love we shared.

Dedicated to my Chauncey.
I love you still.

Your Princess.

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