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LESSON #23 – A Silent Night

To be exact it is fourteen days before Christmas and all through the house there are Santas sitting on shelves, garland decorating flat surfaces with bright white lights.  Candles are adorned with candle wreaths ready to be lighted Christmas Eve.  Our old outside lights are up and working and the wreath is on the door.  And the main attraction, our Christmas tree, is sitting front stage filled with ornaments of Christmases past.

I love sipping my first cup of coffee early morning while the sky is still dark.  But this ritual is so very special before Christmas after the house is ready for the big day.    Quietly sitting amongst the decorations and the white twinkling lights and thinking back about all of our wonderful memories of Christmas past.

It is difficult this time of year not to think about all the wonderful times during Christmas.  Memories of when we were little ones and one particular Christmas I had to sleep in my brother’s room since my grandparents had to sleep somewhere!   I recall he woke me up to go downstairs and see our brand new shiny bicycles and the whimpering of a new puppy in the kitchen!  Or memories of that morning our living room was about 34 degrees as the heat had gone out!  Or that Christmas I didn’t get my Patty Play Pal because my parents could not afford her.  The sting of reality in childhood.

My fondest memory was one special morning I awoke very early to see beautiful snow outside my window.  It had covered everything during the night and large soft flakes were still dropping in the stillness of the darkness of the morning. I threw on my coat and boots and walked out of my house that morning.  Stillness and quiet and peace.  Nothing cut into the beauty of the wintry white morning.  I lifted my face to feel the wetness and softness of the snow as if it were kissing me gently.  Beautiful.  I still remember the feelings and the love that overwhelmed me that morning.  Snow and I have had a love affair since.

Most wonderful were the years we were raising our children and feeling the wonder they felt during the days leading up to the Christmas.  Decorating the tree and the house to make Christmas magical for them and for us as a family.  Finding the perfect gifts that were on their ‘wish list’ and many that weren’t.  We worked hard not to have a missing Patty nor disappointment on precious little faces. Following traditions each year that were fun like making those rum balls and cookies and oh the soda bread!  Christmas Eve candlelight service, singing ‘Oh Holy Night’ and later putting the children to bed so that we could sit in front of the fire and enjoy the magic surrounding us before the craziness of the morning.  A glass of champagne celebrating that once again we had put it all together for the enjoyment of our children snug in their beds.

Today we are looking forward to our children and their children visiting us.  Santas are eagerly awaiting our grandchildren while the lights twinkle their hellos and the wide-eyed magical wonderment shines brightly again.  Slow down and enjoy these moments and make wonderful memories that will be in all of our hearts forever.

Merry Christmas everyone!




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