Lesson #24 – A New Year And A New Beginning


We were never fans of New Years Eve and the tradition of making resolutions.  Many years we spent the evening with close friends and during the kids’ growing up years, we would actually go to bed early and set the alarm for Midnight so that we could say “Happy New Year”, kiss, and go back to sleep.  Growing up, my parents called me at home to wish me a Happy New Year from a party they were attending.  This year was no different although we had the pleasure of my daughter and her family here for the night.  We did, however, go to bed quite early but my husband and I did resist going to sleep and stayed up to watch the ball drop and wish each other a happy new year.

Our holiday season was not what we had expected when I wrote last.

We lost my husband’s Mother this year very close to Christmas and I know every year will be a reminder of how very sad we are to lose her and she will be missed always.  She kept the family together as most mothers do.  I know that she will be with us forever in spirit and there will be a time when we will have a grand heavenly family reunion.

The passing of a loved one just brings our thoughts to where they always need to be.  It’s not about finding the exactly perfect gift (or buying gifts for that matter),  decorating the house inside and out, buying all the food and exhausting ourselves to have just the perfect holiday season.  The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a rest period normally for us and this year is no exception.  We needed the week to rest both our emotional selves and our physical bodies.

Not only during the holidays but every day should be all about the love of friends and family near and far.  If we can’t be together then keep in touch so that we are in their lives.  The holiday is also about my Christian faith and the birth of our Savior.  No matter what our faith, we seem to turn to our beliefs when the going gets most tough.

I know I said I am not a fan of resolutions, however, this year I do have one which I plan to keep.   I plan to thank my loved ones for the blessings and happiness they give me no matter how large or small.  As we get older I think I, at least, appreciate more and take little for granted.

It’s a new year and I look forward to the possibilities this year will bring that will be new and exciting.  Another year, another birthday…..woo hoo!  Hug more, love more, smile more, laugh more.  Enjoy, appreciate, savor, look forward to every day and tackle it.

A new beginning!  There is comfort in that.

Happy New Year!









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