Lesson #27 – Goooooooo (who’s playing again??)


OK, I know, I know… if you know me at all you know that I am so not into football.  But, here I sit watching this Super Bowl.  Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers.  Woo Hoo (??)

Now, let me understand this.  We are supposed to watch every single commercial to see how good they are?  Do we vote on this or do we just talk at the water cooler?  And that’s if we have a water cooler to talk around.  We are the retirement crowd yes?

It came to me that I had to sit down and write this while watching the Super Bowl.  I don’t have to keep my eyes on the game at all times.  I do quite well multi tasking.

Thoughts are coming to me.  First of all, I quite like the Panthers’ uniforms.  Pretty blue and the blue stands out.  Very nice.  The Bronco’s blue and red?  Hmmmmm.  Not so much.  Patriotic, yes, but my vote goes to the Panthers.  1 to 0 Panthers.

Pregame!  Now, I can get into this.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga and she did an absolute wonderful job singing.  Also, surprisingly, I loved the pantsuit and thought the nail color blue was a nice touch.  My question is…..is that all her real hair or was she wearing a weave??  No matter.  She sang great as she always does.  Marriage to that hunky actor from Chicago Fire becomes her.

Also, loved the introducing of the 50 MVPs.  I don’t like football much but I liked that.  In fact, I got teary eyed.  Go figure!  I cry at those Hallmark Christmas commercials too.

Everyone handles this game differently.  There is the fan that has to jump up and clap with every great move made.  They do a dance!  Others calmly sit with their arms crossed on their chests and just shake their head and frown when their team doesn’t cut mustard.  At the Super Bowl parties, guests stand around talking football, munching on football snacks, gulping that nice ice cold football beer.  We do know about Super Bowl parties, mind you, we did go to them back in the day!  Some fans sit at the Catholic Club sipping a cold one calmly and once in a while may put in a call to a brother living in the South to say how their team just stinks!  It could be the Catholic Club or, perhaps, a sports bar with like minded people eyes glued on several screens so as not to miss a thing.  Ho Hum.

My husband’s team is the Vikings.  Football fans can well understand his disappointment that they are not playing today.  Poor Vikings!  Poor husband!  He does, however, seem to be thoroughly enjoying this game anyway.  He gets into this football mode.  He changes.  Completely.  Popcorn….check.  Beer…….check.  Everything else (?)….check.  The face changes.  It is almost boylike.  A combination of happiness, joy, anticipation.  Glad he is enjoying this.  Ho Hum (again).

Another thought.  Actually, the commercials are quite good and there are so many of them!  Obviously they are in competition along with these young men on the field.

Ooooh, Denver is winning in spite of their uniforms.  I thought the Panthers were going to walk all over Denver.  Ha!  I have decided I am rooting for Denver.  I don’t know why but I have just decided.  Rah Rah.

Now, this just in (to me via my husband) half time entertainment (now we are really talking) will be Coldplay, Beyonce and my personal fav, Bruno Mars.  I am so excited about this.  Bruno and Lady Gaga all in one night.  Fun.

OK.  I have this covered.  Denver is going to win by 10.  Is this even possible to win by 10?  Half time will be great.  There will be no rain, no snow and the weather will remain good and just perfect for the rest of the game.  What else?  Anything else I need to think about?  What about Manning?  Who?

One final note.  What a nice time when the whole world watches a football game and everyone laughs and has fun with not one thought to anything else!

Now, please excuse me.  I have a game to watch.

Goooooooooo Denver!












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