LESSON #31 – First or Second Base?

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Life is full of decisions and, at the time we have to make them, they may seem overwhelming.

Some of us make fast decisions.  Being a Libra I DO NOT  ever make fast decisions.   But….what if this?  But…what if that?  Yes….maybe no.  Should I stay or should I go?  It is one big headache and the older I get decision making just doesn’t get any easier!  So, do I want to go there in this blog?  “Well………yes…….and………..no.”

One evening my husband suggested writing down all the decisions we make during our lifetime.  Here is a sampling.  I am sure I am missing so very many.  I would welcome knowing what decisions you have had to make past and present!  My list of decisions date way way back… up to the present time.

  • Milk or Juice?
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly or Bologna?
  • Go outside or stay inside?
  • Ride my bike or walk?
  • Tap or Ballet?
  • Soccer or Basketball?
  • Keds or Converse PF Flyers (my husband wanted this included!)
  • Penny Loafers or Frys (my husband and I combined this one…Penny loafers of course!)
  • Bell Bottoms or Straight Legs? (When I started wearing jeans, I didn’t have a choice.  Thank goodness those times have changed! In fact, I had to buy men’s jeans!)
  • Date him or him?
  • Make out or not?
  • Tell my parents about that or not!
  • Movie or Canteen?
  • Long or Short?
  • That gift or that gift?
  • Go to Woodstock or work? (I didn’t go….on the ‘regret’ list….I think)
  • Stay home or go away to College?
  • Vietnam or College (for the men out there)
  • Travel or Work?
  • Work here or Work there?
  • Marry him or wait?
  • Buy a home or rent?
  • Adjustable rate or 30 year fixed?
  • Kids or no kids?
  • Now or later?
  • Kids or Career?
  • New York or Florida?
  • Raise the family here or there?
  • Sports car or Mini Van?
  • Rock or Easy Listening?
  • Take that job or stay put?
  • Lease or buy that car?
  • Red or White?
  • Weight Watchers or Quick Weight Loss or…?
  • Wear that dress or this one to my daughter or son’s wedding?
  • Buy this or that for my grandchildren?
  • SS at 62 or 65?
  • New hip now or later?
  • Retire here or retire there?
  • Sell our home or stay?
  • Cataract surgery now or later?
  • Townhouse, condo or one level?
  • Tennis or Pickleball?
  • …………………?

There will be other very important decisions in our future but I’m not going there at this point.  I’m just not ready for all THOSE decisions.  You know what I mean.  

As Yogi Berra allegedly said. “When you come to the fork in the road, take it!” 




4 thoughts on “LESSON #31 – First or Second Base?

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  2. I’m sorry! I truly am! We should have grown out of this by now yes?


  3. pjlazos says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m a terrible decision maker as well. Always second-guessing things and it’s been like that forever as well. And I’m not even a Libra.


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