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LESSON # 37 – The “Grand Units”

images.jpegMy daughter sometimes call us, her parents, her  ” parental units!” It is a fun name to be called and I smile each time she says it.

Allow me to say that my “grand units” er…Grandchildren, bring me and my husband so much happiness and I know all of you Grandparents know exactly what I am talking about!

Every day we Grandparents (in our case…’Nana’ and ‘PaG’) show off pics of our special little ones proudly and tell stories of them to whomever will listen!  Nothing touches the pure joy of having a grandchild in your arms from their birth day through the years.  What better joy at our age than feeding a grandbaby who stares into your eyes wondering who we are.  Our memories of our own children come back to us each time we are with our Grands.  Those are wonderful memories and very special.

Our children grow up into adulthood much too fast but we are given precious gifts..their children to love on and kiss on and hug on as much as we like.  Wonderful!

One of my grandsons begins PreKindergarten this coming week and I find myself sad and happy all at the same time.  Sad because he won’t be there during the day when I visit but happy he will have a great learning and fun time in PreK.  Have to admit sad is winning at the moment.  It reminds us of how quickly they grow.

Is there anything better than having a grandchild run out to your car as you drive up, jump up and down, throwing kisses and just being thrilled you are there?  Nope.  Nothing better.

Sweet happy smiles on precious innocent faces and squeals that grandchildren show when we visit them.  Small baby feet toddling to see you as you walk through the door yelling, “Nana!!”  The first time your grandson is able to say, “Nana” after two operations and many speech therapies!    What could possibly be better?

My heart is full of love today and every day for these little “munchkins” in my life and not.






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Recently, I had to push myself down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to hand in my North Carolina license and trade it in for a Georgia driver license after my vision test.  I have 20/20 vision now thanks to those cataract surgeries (Lesson #35) so no problem.  Quick and easy.

As I was sitting in this DMV location waiting for my number to be called, I began to study the people waiting along with me.

Such an interesting study and a great way to pass the time.

When we had our children still living at home, my husband enjoyed taking the kids to a local bagel shop to eat but also to guess the career each incoming customer had chosen.  I’m sure it was fun and I’m sure they had a lot of laughs!  On one bagel outing, my son and husband apparently watched a woman walk in and my son stated, “School nurse”.  My husband disagreed and said, “No, an Xray technician”.  My son said…”No, dad.  She IS my school nurse!!”

On my DMV day I played the studying people game and tried to figure them out but found it to be more fun to watch each person as they stood before the camera for the photo they would have to live with for years to come!

An oriental young man with a crew cut stood on the X and with hands wet with saliva ran them down either side of his head.  Still not sure what hair he was trying to tame.

Speaking of the “X”, one very elderly woman stood before the window and could not find the “X” on the floor.  Safe to say that PROBABLY this woman should NOT be granted a driver license.

A young, attractive woman with very long black hair (a wig) puffed it up and had it lay nicely on one shoulder.  Wasn’t aware that the DMV allowed wigs but there you go.  I can spot them (and toupees) a mile away.

An older woman (maybe in her late 70’s) didn’t give a rat’s ass how she looked and didn’t make an attempt to smile.  Ouch.  Will that be me??

A young girl came in from her driver test and stood with her proud parents.  A new driver on our roads!  Wahoo…..pray that she doesn’t text and drive.  Nothing could detract from that happy face being photographed that day.

A man probably about 50ish did primp and made sure his longer hair was slick and behind his ears properly.  A bit of grey.  Men are ALWAYS distinguished as they age.  Aren’t we women so TIRED of that?

Another woman shuffled up to the counter with two very young children.  Obviously tired of being a mom or just tired of these two.  So tired I believed she was the grandmother until the young boy called her ‘Mom’.  Oops.  Maybe go to sleep earlier?

How to smile is a dilemma.  A full smile?  Half a smile?  No smile?  Lift my chin to try to ‘hide’ the ole saggy neck problem?  These are the choices in which my life is full!

My turn.  On this day I covered up my age spot as best I could, wore makeup AND eye makeup, by the way, washed my hair and styled it and used the hot iron and hair sprayed it.  So much to do, so little time.  This photograph was important.  Lift of the chin, 3/4 smile.  This should do it.

Nope.  I’m sure it helped but I wonder what I would have looked like without all the prep time I spent.  It was 98 degrees outside with 100 percent humidity.  MAYBE that had something to do with my poor showing.

I walked out with my temporary Georgia license wishing I still had my NC license with the good picture.  At least the DMV grey haired man behind the counter had said, “Welcome back to Georgia!!”  I guess all is not lost.


P.S.  Idea**** Revenue idea for all States!  Take three photos and we get to choose the best one and it costs only $10.  I’m in!!  Vanity is so worth $10.


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