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LESSON # 38 – REALLY? Do we HAVE to?

photo.JPGSometimes we do HAVE to but I don’t have to like it!  

I mean, come on!  I am a free spirit and I absolutely believe we all have the right to happiness which includes any person to be what they want to be and be with whomever they wish.

I am drawing the line in my own life, however, when using a public bathroom.  Not sure exactly what that means but I am!

Any parent or grandparent out there who raised a boy knows what I am talking about.

During our recent weekend trip to Asheville, NC, we had a delicious lunch in a great restaurant in downtown.  As is my practice,  I visited the restroom.  Low and behold there was a line.  No surprise there.  THIS line was comprised of young men (2), a young lady (1), me and another woman behind me who was ‘around’ my age.

There was one restroom and I found myself looking at the sign posted. Not the place to chit chat certainly or asking others in line, “How’s it going?”  Interesting as all first experiences are, I began to dread using this restroom.  A cold sweat of dread.  I had to use it after these two young men.  Dear me!

A silent prayer.  ‘Let there be plenty of paper towels and tissue.  Let these young men be gentlemen in every sense of the word…’ and lastly, ‘Please have these young men put the toilet seat down!’  Amen.

If we are all going to share restrooms in the future in all States and in every circumstance, I believe every childbearing woman needs to raise their sons with new ‘rules’.  I can still hear my daughter complaining about her brother and the mess he left behind in the bathroom!

Therefore, given present social trends regarding unisex restrooms, we should be teaching bathroom etiquette to all young (and older) men in our lives.  This should be a movement (no pun intended) and I say it with the deepest respect for everyone’s personal happiness.

Women!  We must unite on this!



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