My neighbor at the lake died very suddenly this week.  It was a shock to us all because Tom was only 72 years of age.  I attended the funeral which was lovely and comforting to those of us left behind.  Tears, smiles, concern and happiness to have known him.

Death always comes too soon and no matter how old the deceased is it is often a surprise and we are taken aback with the realization that we will all follow at some point.

As we get older that realization becomes forefront during these days of sorrow and mourning.  Will our family be OK?  If we are married, will our spouse be OK?  How many of us have had the conversation about how long the spouse will take to marry again?!!  I am sure we all have had these thoughts.  We quickly move on to other topics because we don’t wish to dwell on the inevitability of death.

A reality of life.  I hesitate to even write about this because somewhere in my soul I worry that this may hurry my time….that the fickle finger of death will notice me and point my way.

Death and funerals are uncomfortable for all of us.  Heart wrenching when it is a family member and we know we will never stop missing and mourning our loved ones.  When we were busy with young children and the day to day living, the end of life is too far away to even think about it.  I have to get dinner on the table after all!

Faith helps many of us deal with this question of death and knowing there is something after the ordeal waiting for us.  It is still scary.  I don’t believe this makes me less of a believer.

One day after a funeral and I am still numb.  I want to think happy thoughts.  I turn to Woody Allen.

I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Amen.




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2 thoughts on “LESSON #44 – GONE TOO SOON

  1. I know and I don’t like it one bit!


  2. Your words are so true. As we get older the loss of those who are near our age hits us in the face with out own mortality. I see that often these days.

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