What’s amazing to me is that personality traits come around and go around in families.

It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?  These things that we call genes show up when we least expect it in our children and then our grandchildren.

The funny thing is we never expect it!  Not sure why that is but I sometimes look at my grandsons or my granddaughters and think they are acting or look JUST like my daughter or son.

It’s rather fun to see.  I must admit I don’t love seeing the past peek it’s little head when it’s a trait that I don’t absolutely admire but I do have to smile!  What goes around comes around and it sure does!

My grandsons are just like their fathers in so many ways from my perspective.  One is playful and is a kidder.  The other is deliberate and always figuring things out.  One of my granddaughters is a bit strong willed and wants to rule the world and I have no doubt she will.  Us women from both sides of my family and my husband’s have some of that trait running through the veins.  It does, however, make us strong, independent and usually right.  Did I say that??

Who they look like is another story.  Faces change every day and if you catch a glimpse of daddy or mommy in our grandchildren’s faces one second hold on because in the next second they look like someone else in the family!  Constant change.  It’s a peek into the future and how they will look after they mature.  It’s a game of roulette almost.  Where it stops no one knows!

Personalities may change a bit but the major traits will probably stay the same.  I know what you are thinking.  I do remember a bit from that class.  There are other things we have to take into account when describing family traits.  Environment…blah blah and blah blah.  Maybe I can’t remember after all.

Let me apologize for any and all not so great traits I have passed on to my children and those that have reached my Grands.  I am sorry I have some poor genes mixed in with the good.  I will be so bold as to apologize for my husband’s poor genes also.  Sorry about that!  We are responsible……but, perhaps, OUR parents are REALLY responsible…or maybe our grandparents?!!  Good, we are off the hook.  Also, may I say, the good far outweighs the bad… thank you very much.

We are all so complicated and made up of so many goods and a pinch of not so great parts.  Aren’t we lucky that love conquers all?   We love our children and our grandchildren as they are and no matter what.  Always have, always will and with all our hearts.  That’s the wonderful thing about families!  That, too, is in the genes.


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