Lesson #47 – The Sweetness of Memories


Remember when you last put your son or daughter up on your shoulders so they could see the world?

Remember when you last held your child’s hand while crossing the street?

Remember when you last tucked your child into a warm inviting bed?

Remember when you  last watched your child in the bathtub playing and laughing?

Remember when you last dried their tears and held them tight to make the hurt go away?

I remember calling my husband into my son’s room one night to have him look at his little hands as he slept.  The baby dimpled hands we all hold dear were visible but I stared at my son and I knew there would only be a few short months left to see the last of his babyhood as it slipped away.

There aren’t many years between our children needing us as parents and not wanting to have us around at all.  Children grow up and become independent thinkers and want to prove they are ‘not babies anymore’!!

If we are lucky we have grandchildren to care for and to watch over and hold their hands.  As much as we love and adore our grandchildren it is different.  These special years are reserved mostly for their parents as it should be.

My daughter will be giving our family a precious new little baby very soon.  As I repainted the baby bassinet and put the white eyelet skirt around it, I remembered my daughter in this same bassinet so many years ago.  It now sits in my daughter’s home waiting for little Lucy.

My oldest grandson is turning five and he is off to Kindergarten this year.  It is a sad reminder how fast little ones grow.  I would cry each year when my own children went off to a new school year.  I loved having them home all summer and enjoyed every minute of the activity each day.   When the children went off to school the first day of each school year, I went through the ritual of getting together with girlfriends who all said they were thrilled a new school year had begun.  As they sighed with relief I just smiled with sadness in my heart.

Our lives are filled with memories and as I look at my grown children now I still see my little babies needing me to hold their hands to cross the street and to dry their tears when they are sad.  These memories I will hold close forever.


2 thoughts on “Lesson #47 – The Sweetness of Memories

  1. Thank you for your feedback. It makes me feel like we are in this together!

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  2. iglengel says:

    They sure do grow up fast though – don’t they. It is hard to believe that we have a – are you ready for this – great-granddaughter that just turned twelve years old this past February and another great- grandson that turned one year old, just last month. Where has the time gone? Enjoy them while they are small because as evidenced by my comments above – they do grow up fast. Thanks for sharing.


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