th.jpegMy brother-in-law just called (actually my brother…no in law about it) to wish me a happy Mother’s Day.  We joked around as we normally do.  My husband was busy cooking me breakfast. Yummy smells coming from the kitchen.

Today is for all Mothers in all forms, all colors, all everything.  A day to remember Mothers who have passed and are no longer here to hug and give us guidance.  Missed beyond words.  Mothers in name only, Mothers who are yet to be and Mothers in the thick of it.  Young and Old.

So, as we thank our Mothers one and all.  We don’t have to think long about all ‘we’ have done to deserve this special day.  Humbly I say.

As my brother reminded me…in my case, pushed a lot and without meds, and in return I have a nice homemade yummy breakfast once a year!  Pushing…..pushing,  b r e a t h i n g in and out, more pushing until insides come out along with a beautiful baby!  TMI?? Yes, perhaps.

Hmmmmmm……gut wrenching pushing = a breakfast.  Interesting to think about.  Thanks Bro for putting this in my mind.  Can’t shake it.  Unsure if the scales are balanced.

So, it all comes down to this special day all our own once a year.  A lifetime of love, pain, love, guidance, hospital runs, love, worry, tears, heartbreak, love and the best breakfast one can only dream of!

Bon Appetit!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  Enjoy!!  I, personally, wouldn’t trade any of it… for anything.  Except, perhaps, for the best dinner in the world!

Love and Miss You Mom,



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