Always have loved sleeping and waking up to the sound of rain.

Even as a child I remember the sweetness of a soft rain watering the grass and the flowers in the garden.  In summer months the rain cools off the world if only for a short time.

I suppose most children of yesterday and tomorrow don’t particularly like a rainy day.  Outside activity slows down to a halt.  My fond memories pop up though about galoshes, marching in puddles spraying the water everywhere, opening of mouths to catch rain drops while my face is refreshingly cleansed, running back inside when the rain drops become stinging with an energy that is unnerving.  All the time laughing.

But the summer is upon us in Georgia.  The thermometer shows these humid hot days as itching higher and closer to the 100 degree mark.  It’s only May but that’s life in Georgia.

Gone are the nights that the air allows us to sit outside and cool off from the oven of the day.

And so I welcome rain as if it is a saving grace.  A storm rolling in…even better.  Rain, wind and the windows being cleaned for at least a day.

Today, this particular Sunday, the rain is falling softly and sometimes in torrents.  The sun really wants ‘in’ but the storm clouds are fighting against it.  Rain is winning for at least a few more hours.  Alone with memories and private thoughts.

It’s great to be retired and have no guilt on this or any other rainy day!  Still in my pajamas, drinking coffee and watching a bit of television seems to be on the agenda.  Perhaps I will try, once again, to ‘get into’ that book sitting on the bedside table.

Thank you rain!  You gotta love it.


“GEORGIA RAIN” written by Ed Hill and Karyn Rochelle.  Trisha Yearwood.

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4 thoughts on “LESSON #51 – “GEORGIA RAIN”

  1. I hadn’t remembered about lifting my face to the sky to “drink” the rain! Now I remember in details. Funny about memories.

    Leigh Cutrone



  2. tprnj49 says:

    I miss the sound of rain on the roof of our patio in NJ. Nothing more peaceful then that. We don’t have that here in AZ.


  3. Gene Watkins says:

    Out here in San Francisco Bay Area we can expect rain between November and April. This past winter it seemed like it rained almost everyday and we really needed it after a multi-year drought. Your thoughts above made me remember that I was recently in New Jersey for work when I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. by a band of thunderstorms that didn’t want to let up. It had been over 20 years since I had experienced as furious a storm as I witnessed that morning. So I stayed up, opened up the curtains and let the lightning and thunder entertain me. One of the many little things that I took for granted while living on the East Coast!


  4. Anonymous says:



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