Image result for American flag over a lakeBelieve me when I say I was never into bird watching and critter watching during most of my life.

I suppose it’s the order of things now that my priorities have changed.  I have to say life has NOT slowed down in the least as you might expect for a retiree!  But I do find that I enjoy the peacefulness of watching and hearing the world come alive in the early morning hours.   This is especially true at the lake.

Everyone is asleep and with my first and second cup of java I watch and listen. Looking over the lake I feel gratitude and peacefulness which I sometimes find hard to grasp.

The sun is not yet peaking through the trees.  Birds chirp softly at first but get louder as more chime in.  Soon they will appear at the bird feeder grabbing what they can.  Baby rabbits emerge from the bushes and jump from here to there. Dogs awake and bark for their walk while fish jump and ripples are seen over the lake. A fisherman arrives at the dock to get a jump on all others doing the same. Quietly he slips his boat onto the lake. Squirrels twitter about as if they just can’t decide what to do or what direction to run.

A car drives by breaking the calm. But as the car meanders down the road, the peace returns.

A boat zips by on the lake going quite fast. I hear voices across the lake where campers emerge from their tents and start an early morning fire.

Another car goes by and my family awakens searching for coffee cups.

The morning begins and the peacefulness subsides as it should.  Decisions must be made as to what to do today and breakfast is obligatory and highly anticipated.

Life is good on this Memorial Day! Flags flying as a tribute to those men and women who have given their lives for this Country.

A day to spend with family and a day to remember.

Hope your Memorial Day was happy everyone!



  1. iglengel says:

    Good morning Leigh: We will be traveling this morning and so I wanted to get a jump start on the day by posting my usual rants and raves when I came across your post. What can I say – your words express a beautiful way to start the day. There is nothing as calming as that first cup of coffee while sitting watching the world come alive. Thanks for sharing your visions and thoughts with the world. Have a great day!


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