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There is something interesting being in a home that is empty.  It may be ‘yours’ but the scents and aura left behind are surely the past owners.

Try as you might to envision new lives here the dogs that have vacated with their owners have left behind not an overpowering dog smell. It lingers.  Thoughts go to our dogs we loved.

A house takes on the personality of its inhabitants and this one is no different.  Try as the sellers did with plug-in air fresheners in every room, they are still here.

From past experience I know that this house will become ours over the next weeks and certainly months.

The two dogs will leave us and every dog hair, certain to be hiding, will be swept away.

Furniture will be moved in.  We will sleep here, shower here, cook here, live here and our house will slowly become our home.

It will become familiar.  No longer a stranger with every picture hung on the wall.  A friend it will become with each celebration with family and with friends and new acquaintances welcomed.

I suspect this is why a house-warming party was so popular not so long ago.  Is a party such as this out of vogue now or is it because most people when they move don’t have friends in their new town.  Not so in our case.  We are moving a short 2.2 miles from our downsizing abode.

The emptiness of a home moved out of complete with many happy memories even though short-lived and a new home coming around the bend.  Boxes packed, cupboards empty.  Walls touched up with new paint, refrigerator no longer filled with our ‘must haves’.  Bathroom sparkles and floors shine ready to welcome someone new.

Anxiety, excitement, anticipation for memories to be made.

Once again we are setting out on a new adventure.  Tiring it is.  The energy I once had is a bit depleted…just a bit or maybe more than a bit.

We say goodbye to the old and hello to the new!  I just have to be patient until our new and empty house is indeed our new home.

This house will say, “Welcome Home” and my patience will be rewarded.


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