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16.jpgHere we are in the middle of ‘our’ lake gently rocking back and forth.

The wakes from the ever increasing number of boats and jet skis gently rock our boat thoroughly relaxing us. Kayaks swim by.

People are hurrying now to position themselves and find the best possible spot on the water.

It’s a beautiful day. The sky is all clear for the big event which has already begun. A bite has been taken out of the sun but it burns brightly nevertheless.

Over 100 years ago a complete eclipse took place (or so I have been told) over North America. I do remember seeing a partial eclipse but for the life of me I can’t remember when or where I was living. I just remember glancing at the sun and worrying about my eyesight for weeks after.

I have to say the lake isn’t as crowded as I thought it might be. There are several tents set up along the shoreline for eclipse parties. We haven’t been invited.

This lake is hardly ever crowded even on the ‘big’ weekends. July 4 is the big holiday here. It used to be that boats would all meet mid lake and bounce around watching the fireworks. It was fun and more alcoholic beverages involved than I would like to admit. NOT us you understand but generally speaking!

We are ready for the totality of the eclipse….food, water, beer, chips and salsa. What else could we want? We have our books and reading glasses. We have our noodles ready to ride. Oh and most important our certified, eye saving, British Standards Institute certified and meeting the ISO 12312-2-2015 requirements. Praying all this means my eyes are safe and I won’t go blind.

Happy Eclipse Day Everybody!! Should have brought our Moon Pies, mixed Tequilla Sunrises, Blue Moon beer, Blue Moon cocktail, Cherry Moons, Harvest Moons, Moon River cocktail, Moonshine, etc. Darn!! Will have to put more time into planning the food and drink aspect next time!






Words come and go.  These words and

phrases, as far as I can tell, have gone.  

A blast from the past.  By all means, help add to them!


Calling Long Distance

Extension Phone

That’s Cool

Floppy Disk


Gee Willakers

Golly Gee

Holy Mackerel

The Fuzz


Dirty Rats


Broken Record

Holy Moly

Jiminy Cricket

Oh me oh my


The Bomb

High Time



New digs

Dig it

Cool Baby

Phone Booth



Rat Stabber


Granny Dresses

Hair in a Flip

French Twist


Teased (hair!)

That’s Bologna


Getting on in Years

Pocket Comb

Hook ups

Setting gel

Bobby Socks

Peddle Pushers

Poodle Skirts

Pony Tail

Getting High

Yoo Hoo

I’m just Sayin……

” Words mean more than what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”   Maya Angelou


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