It never fails.

I have not been feeling my 100%. I caught whatever it is from a little girl named Lucy or, perhaps, Lenox. Both are my Granddaughters. Both had runny noses this past Sunday. One had an ear infection.

Truly, I don’t understand how a Grandmother can catch anything from a four-year-old or a 19-month-old. They are pint size! How does that happen exactly?

I am getting away from what I want to write about. Let me take a bit of a right turn.

Since I did catch that ‘something’, I went to my Doctor. What is the very first thing the nurse asks you to do when checking in at the office? Ladies? You know!!

Yep…“Let me get your weight” she says. “Really?” I say. “Why?” I say. the nurse mumbles with something like “I know…..blah hard blah”.

NOOOOOOOOOO she does not know! I am coming to the office to see the Doctor. I already feel quite lousy. My throat hurts, my ear hurts, I have absolutely no make-up on and my hair is dirty and should be brushed. I threw on a sweatshirt and jeans and I barely drove myself to the Doc’s office without hitting a rest area. We should not have to endure at our age.

They feel it absolutely necessary to take your weight. I get why they take your blood pressure (to see if you are near death) and a temperature. I get that part. The degradation of getting on the scale during the holiday season? What nerve! Getting on the scale during any visit is mind-blowing.

What difference does your weight make when you are feeling so sick? Does the Doctor say, “Well, I see you have gained five pounds since Thanksgiving. That must be the reason you are not feeling well!! Here is a prescription. Go in peace.” Nope. Doesn’t say that. I am sure he doesn’t even look at your weight.

Same during your yearly physical. If you have lost weight, does the Doctor say anything about that wonderful news? NO! Not even a comment to boost your self-esteem. No balloons no nothing. Thanks Doc. YOU go in peace.

It’s just anti-everything, insensitive, noncaring, and should be against the Doctor code…you know that oath they live by. It should be added, “I will not take the weight of my patients unless I believe weight may be part of my diagnoses.” Easy enough.

I am here to tell you we may decline being ridiculed on the scale. We can say, “No, I don’t want to get on the scale” There is pretty much nothing the nurse can do about it. She may say she “must get your weight” but we can straighten up and boldly say “Nope, not today”! This is truly liberating. She may say, “I will make a note you refused to get on the scale”. Go right ahead sweetheart. I have many files that say, “Difficult” on them written by nurse or Doc. So it goes.

If they just give me one (not true…two) good reasons why they need my weight, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, I will agree. Otherwise, NO. Hear me Docs? NO NO NO.

I want to keep my joyful Christmas spirit. I want to taste all the goodies and drink all the goodies and I do not want to pay that damn piper at the end of the holiday season.

So I say. GO FORTH. EAT AND DRINK and stay in the Christmas indulging spirit!

Say “NO” to you know who. You will feel much better for it.

Merry Christmas!



3 thoughts on “LESSON #65 – CHECK IN

  1. Anonymous says:

    When you go to the dr do they write prescriptions for you to pick up medications when you are sick ? Would you think they possibly write medicine doses based on Weight? Well they do. So weight is a part of your dr visit for many reasons. Would hate to go to the dr and they give you medicine and it doesn’t work because the dose is to low due to not wanting you to let them weigh you. That justbone reason. Happy holidays.


  2. Anonymous says:

    😂. Eat, drink, and be merry this holiday season! See you all at weight watchers next week! Merry Christmas Leigh, feel better soon!


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