t_500x300.jpgThere are many pitfalls being on Facebook.  I have been quite verbal about how addictive it can be and how it takes away from well…talking (out loud)!

However, there is another side of Facebook which I am sure you, too, have discovered.  It seems as if when I consider obliterating my FB account I always find new ‘old’ friends! Point being is that I LOVE two Facebook sites (which were recommended to me) and I find myself cruising them more than I would like to admit.

One site is geared toward remembering South Jersey (where I completed HS etc etc) and the other site is geared toward “my” Long Beach Island (LBI) where I lived for many years full-time and part-time.

What is great about this and absolutely amazing to me is how we can reunite with those we have not talked to, chatted with, caught up with, conversed with or passed the time of day with and, yes, not written to (does anyone write letters anymore?), or even, perhaps, thought about for decades and decades!  Quite the run-on sentence! Can you say 50 years?  Oh my!

The other day,  I was browsing through the LBI FB site and found a comment from someone whose name was very familiar!  Lightbulbs!  It was actually my stepbrother with whom I had lost all contact many years ago when my Father passed away.  Shocked but nicely surprised is an understatement.  One is never completely sure if the person you think they are is actually that person!  YES!!  Jackpot!  It was him and I am glad we caught up since his Mother was, after all, my Stepmother for many years.  Now we are  ‘friends’ on FB and I’m very happy about that.

I also received a Message from my stepsister!  Yay!  The circle is complete and I am thrilled to be back in touch with her as well.  ‘Friends’ on FB.  Score! Happy days for sure.

An old friend and neighbor from LBI contacted me after seeing one of my posts.  I haven’t spoken to her for years.  In fact, haven’t seen her since the mid-’70s.  Love that because she was part of my happy memories of LBI.  Score again!

There is a FB site just for those of us who graduated from our High School in 1967.  I treasure it because it has put me back in touch with friends from ‘back in the day’.  I love to see who is doing what, who is traveling where and where people live and to know the paths they have taken in their own lives.  We are involved with each other once again albeit from afar on FB.

Getting back in touch with people can sure conjure up beautiful memories that we have had tucked away in storage.  How fun is it to share memories with past friends only to have the memories come alive again? I am certainly not suggesting to live in the past but…

Those memories become more precious in our lives.  Friends help us remember.

If I am completely honest, some days I feel young and on other days I feel quite old reminiscing.   OUCH!   But I take the young and that damn old.   Embrace them, I have recently learned, and happiness surrounds us as we look back and remember.  We really don’t have a choice.

Thank you dear friends.





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