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I think I was always tired and the children kept me very busy.  I was considered an ‘older’ Mom.  I was almost 37 when my son was born.  Not old according to today’s standards!  A couple of years flew by as they do and suddenly my son was two and my daughter, four.

This was a precious moment.  I remember this because as young as he was, my son needed one on one attention from his Mother and I was wrapped up in everything else.  Not odd for a young Mother with young children.  My thoughts then are very much the same now when I think of that moment.

My son crawled onto my lap and put his little hands on my face and turned my face toward his own.  He stared at my eyes and we looked at each other for what seemed minutes.  We looked into each other’s eyes and very souls.  It was a moment I will never forget.

I stopped what I was doing and looked at this little child of mine and felt all the hopes and dreams every mother feels.  That moment, too, I felt guilty that my young child would feel that he needed attention and he had to show me!  He was beyond his years with the ability to say without words what he needed… to look into my eyes and see my love for him.  That particular day, sad to say, I had forgotten the most important job I had.

Today as a “Nana” I often think of that second in time so long ago.  Being part of the Senior Class, we now have much more time to give to our Grandchildren.  In my case, they are quite young.  I find myself looking into their eyes as I hold them close while telling them I love them.  Part of my ritual is to give each Grand a ‘million’ kisses and a big big hug when I see them.  I often hope each one will remember our special ritual because it is very special to me.

My Grandsons will grow up fast and feel awkward with my kisses and I fear that may be happening sooner than I want to realize.  Girls are easier.  They giggle when receiving their Nana’s love and kisses.

How often do we really look into each other’s eyes and see the love and the feelings we have for each other?  Eyes do certainly give a glimpse into the souls of those we love.  A loving light will shine there. We might see love but also, perhaps,  all the rest of our human emotions.  When you see love shining back from someone’s eyes, that is the most precious to always remember.

Our Grands will grow up just as fast as our children.  I am careful.  I stop what I may be doing and look into their eyes and make sure they know and feel my love.  It’s important to me.

My memory of my son on that day will never fade.  My memory of those I love looking into my eyes with love will never fade.  This may be what it’s all about!  Maybe.


                                 “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”

                                                                                                                              Maya Angelou




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LESSON # 37 – The “Grand Units”

images.jpegMy daughter sometimes call us, her parents, her  ” parental units!” It is a fun name to be called and I smile each time she says it.

Allow me to say that my “grand units” er…Grandchildren, bring me and my husband so much happiness and I know all of you Grandparents know exactly what I am talking about!

Every day we Grandparents (in our case…’Nana’ and ‘PaG’) show off pics of our special little ones proudly and tell stories of them to whomever will listen!  Nothing touches the pure joy of having a grandchild in your arms from their birth day through the years.  What better joy at our age than feeding a grandbaby who stares into your eyes wondering who we are.  Our memories of our own children come back to us each time we are with our Grands.  Those are wonderful memories and very special.

Our children grow up into adulthood much too fast but we are given precious gifts..their children to love on and kiss on and hug on as much as we like.  Wonderful!

One of my grandsons begins PreKindergarten this coming week and I find myself sad and happy all at the same time.  Sad because he won’t be there during the day when I visit but happy he will have a great learning and fun time in PreK.  Have to admit sad is winning at the moment.  It reminds us of how quickly they grow.

Is there anything better than having a grandchild run out to your car as you drive up, jump up and down, throwing kisses and just being thrilled you are there?  Nope.  Nothing better.

Sweet happy smiles on precious innocent faces and squeals that grandchildren show when we visit them.  Small baby feet toddling to see you as you walk through the door yelling, “Nana!!”  The first time your grandson is able to say, “Nana” after two operations and many speech therapies!    What could possibly be better?

My heart is full of love today and every day for these little “munchkins” in my life and not.






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