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HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS!!!  You absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks!

I can argue the point whether or not I’m old and we might even argue the point whether I am a dog.  My husband believes I am not a dog although I don’t know whether to believe him.

The winter months in Georgia lead to many activities you wouldn’t even think about when the cooler air turns HOT.  Summer comes early and leaves late so that the dog days of summer can be so tiring that a lot of activity stops altogether.  Which leads me to my point.

New tricks.  I have this to report!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE chalk painting.  I have been chalk painting a lot lately.  In fact, I have chalk painted my coffee table, dining room table, couch table and about to begin an old desk in the bedroom.   I may not stop there.  Anywhere there is a flat surface I’m on it.

I have to give credit to my daughter.  She started me on this journey.  She loves it too.  In fact she is pregnant and to say she is nesting is an understatement.  She is chalk painting up a storm getting ready for the baby!

Easy is another understatement.  If you haven’t tried it I say do it!  Just for fun even!  You may not like the look but I can guarantee you that it will grow on you.  I was not thrilled with the look when I began my first project.  When it was finished I wasn’t sure if I liked it then either.  It got to me.  I am a happy camper.  My little to none artistic talent has been frustrated over the years.  No more!  (I fear this sounds like a commercial.  Forgive me!)

There are a lot of other new tricks I want to explore.  The list is getting longer and longer.  My  bucket list of tricks as it were.  I’m not getting any younger (I’m reminded of that fact quite a bit lately)

I would love to hear what is on your bucket list of tricks!  I vote NO to getting into ruts just because we are getting on in years.  What say you?  Excuse me … I’ve get to get back to that desk.





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My neighbor at the lake died very suddenly this week.  It was a shock to us all because Tom was only 72 years of age.  I attended the funeral which was lovely and comforting to those of us left behind.  Tears, smiles, concern and happiness to have known him.

Death always comes too soon and no matter how old the deceased is it is often a surprise and we are taken aback with the realization that we will all follow at some point.

As we get older that realization becomes forefront during these days of sorrow and mourning.  Will our family be OK?  If we are married, will our spouse be OK?  How many of us have had the conversation about how long the spouse will take to marry again?!!  I am sure we all have had these thoughts.  We quickly move on to other topics because we don’t wish to dwell on the inevitability of death.

A reality of life.  I hesitate to even write about this because somewhere in my soul I worry that this may hurry my time….that the fickle finger of death will notice me and point my way.

Death and funerals are uncomfortable for all of us.  Heart wrenching when it is a family member and we know we will never stop missing and mourning our loved ones.  When we were busy with young children and the day to day living, the end of life is too far away to even think about it.  I have to get dinner on the table after all!

Faith helps many of us deal with this question of death and knowing there is something after the ordeal waiting for us.  It is still scary.  I don’t believe this makes me less of a believer.

One day after a funeral and I am still numb.  I want to think happy thoughts.  I turn to Woody Allen.

I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Amen.




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The beauty of the landscape is covered by a comforting blanket of the white fluffy stuff.

What a sight to behold.  I am filled with the same gleefulness I felt as a child waking up to my world being covered up ever so softly by the wonderment of snow.  It falls still with no hint of stopping.

Levittown, Pennsylvania.  There was a very long and very tall street that was the place to be to have the best rides during any snowfall.  We had a few snowstorms in Pennsylvania as you may well imagine but as many times as we had them, the thrill never left me.  You could find me on that hill with my sled all day long into the night.  I begrudgingly went home being the very last child on the hill.  I pulled my little sled behind me thinking and hoping that the snow would still be there in the morning.

When I had children of my own and snow would fall in Georgia I was thankful that they would feel that same happiness and excitement from a snowfall.  It wasn’t often but we made the best of any snow that graced our neighborhood.

Snowsuits, boots, hats, gloves and off we would go!  The backyard was hilly so I recall the first snow play was in the backyard.  Brandy barking at the snow and us.  I never wanted to go back inside.  Laughs, giggles and red noses.  So much fun.  Hot chocolate and a pile of wet clothes by the front door!

A few years made me more comfortable with sledding down our steep driveway.  I would hurry everyone along as we never knew how long the snow and ice would last in Georgia.  The ride was fun and fast and if we made a sharp left turn well enough we got a bonus of a longer ride down the side lawn to an abrupt halt.

When our children no longer woke up in our ‘forever’ home, I found myself pulling the sled out one winter and taking my turn at the ride down the driveway.  Not as much fun without my children to be sure but giggles and laughs and the red nose was still there.

Looking out our window at the lake with almost the blinding brightness of the snow I think just how peaceful life can be.  How pure life looks.  We can slow down and think of nothing but the beauty that surrounds us.  I am grateful for this respite.  The gleefulness and the anticipation of playing in the snow wells up from within and I’m on it!  Just because I am older doesn’t mean I can’t have fun in that white stuff. No hills here but snow angels will be made.

Hopefully, I can find something to wear on my feet!

‘Slow down, you move too fast                                                                                                                                                   You got to make the morning last                                                                                                               Just kicking down the cobblestones                                                                                                   Looking for fun and feeling groovy                                                                                                             Ba da da da da da da, feeling groovy!….                                                                                               Life I love you, all is groovy!’

Simon & Garfunkel – ‘The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy)’


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