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LESSON #33 – The Walk of Shame

Unknown.jpeg Ok. I have to admit I have been going to WEIGHT WATCHERS forever. Not all at once but here and there over the years.  Lose some weight and stop. Gain and go.  Lose and stop.  You may know the drill.

Once again… last year when my knees were killing me and I was so uncomfortable… We were at the beach and had concluded a beer drinking vaca mode and the water weight was going to kill me sooo off to WW I went. I am amazed how WW changes up their program from one year to the next. Always advertising a new and improved program.

Not sure why this is but I will go out on a limb here and say I assume it is to attract ‘newbies’ and ‘maybe’ to add a bit of new ideas to the mix.  Protein, as it were, goes in and out of vogue.  Today, it’s good but not too much.  That’s bad.

Following the program diligently I lost my sugar craving after a week plus and I gave up that nice cold beer while I ate oysters at Biminis. Very very sad.

Success though each week a blasted pound at a time.  I even held the weight loss weight over the holidays. Months have gone bye but am holding at that early weight loss.  Haven’t lost more, mind you, but holding.  A success in and of itself.

Back at it strictly AGAIN. My daughter is at her goal weight and of this publish date she is actually 8 pounds under her goal weight.  Success plus plus!!   Her significant other doing great on it as well! In fact, they are my inspiration.  Granted I, too, should be at goal weight after many months but……ho hum…..NOT.

This past week I went to my eye surgeon and he told me I had a condition called Pseudoexfoliation and I should have my cataract surgery using laser at a mere $3200 extra! Wth?? I came home stressed out over it all and (since it was raining!) I binged on food WW would frown upon. Oh yeah….binging when stressed.  That would be me.

So today….two days after the binge I am back to WW. It occurred to me as I was walking into the meeting that this was MY WALK OF SHAME! My weigh in was paying the piper, my penance for breaking the WW points rules that I had agreed upon, now MONTHS before.

I hung my head in shame and stepped on that scale agonizing over what the outcome of my binge would be.

Hey…..wait! No gain? No loss? Hallelujah!!!! WW WINS MY ADMIRATION once again. It does work and is forgiving.

I LOVE YOU WW! Stay with me until I lose all this weight AGAIN…and AGAIN…..and again……………


“WEIGHT WATCHERS has its roots in the early 1960s when the founder, Jean Nidetch, began inviting friends into her Queens, NY home once a week to talk about how best to lose weight. Today, that group of friends has grown to millions of people around the world who’ve joined Weight Watchers to lose weight and lead healthier lives.WW has Members and it is slow process of counting points.”  Weight

(Some of the truth has been withheld to protect the innocent.)



LESSON #32 – New York, New York

Election-button.jpgCan’t help it.  I have to sit down and speak my mind.  WTH is happening to this country?

New York.  My brother-in-law went to vote today.  He lives in Brooklyn.  No ID necessary, no bills to the home, no license, no NOTHING.  He could easily have returned to the polling place and placed his father’s vote even though his father is unable to vote any longer. He may have even been able to cast his vote for his Mother. Who knows?

Why is this?  What do you think???

We need a passport and two invoices mailed to the ‘new’ address to get a new driver license when we move to a new State.  Oh, and the ‘old’ State driver license. Why, in God’s name, do we NOT need a form of ID to vote for the person we want to be the next President of the United States?  Do we really want people who don’t have a stake in the game to vote for our leaders????

Everyone has something to show at the polling place to show they are the person who is voting.  Everyone has SOMETHING!!!

The newest is that thousands of voters in Brooklyn have been disenfranchised.  In other words….can’t vote.  Why is this???  Story at 11.

Why do we have super delegates?  The popular vote can go to Joe Blow but, never mind, Josephine Blow can win the majority of delegates and take the State.  Really?

Is anyone as disgusted as I am about this process?  I haven’t been paying attention obviously.  I am a political junkie but this year everything seems outrageous.  I am tired of it.

Discord, name calling, crookedness…..and it’s now in BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties.  She is the one in line to be elected (coronated) and he is giving her a real run for her money.  Well, folks, this girl hopes he takes it in NY and shakes her up but good.  No coronation in this country….only super delegates.

I hope Trump takes NY and shakes up the party but good also.  Kasich go home and Cruz…..what can I say??

By the time this is over in NY my blood pressure will be over the moon.  Peace be with me.

Thanks for listening.





LESSON #31 – First or Second Base?

question mark 2

Life is full of decisions and, at the time we have to make them, they may seem overwhelming.

Some of us make fast decisions.  Being a Libra I DO NOT  ever make fast decisions.   But….what if this?  But…what if that?  Yes….maybe no.  Should I stay or should I go?  It is one big headache and the older I get decision making just doesn’t get any easier!  So, do I want to go there in this blog?  “Well………yes…….and………”

One evening my husband suggested writing down all the decisions we make during our lifetime.  Here is a sampling.  I am sure I am missing so very many.  I would welcome knowing what decisions you have had to make past and present!  My list of decisions date way way back… up to the present time.

  • Milk or Juice?
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly or Bologna?
  • Go outside or stay inside?
  • Ride my bike or walk?
  • Tap or Ballet?
  • Soccer or Basketball?
  • Keds or Converse PF Flyers (my husband wanted this included!)
  • Penny Loafers or Frys (my husband and I combined this one…Penny loafers of course!)
  • Bell Bottoms or Straight Legs? (When I started wearing jeans, I didn’t have a choice.  Thank goodness those times have changed! In fact, I had to buy men’s jeans!)
  • Date him or him?
  • Make out or not?
  • Tell my parents about that or not!
  • Movie or Canteen?
  • Long or Short?
  • That gift or that gift?
  • Go to Woodstock or work? (I didn’t go….on the ‘regret’ list….I think)
  • Stay home or go away to College?
  • Vietnam or College (for the men out there)
  • Travel or Work?
  • Work here or Work there?
  • Marry him or wait?
  • Buy a home or rent?
  • Adjustable rate or 30 year fixed?
  • Kids or no kids?
  • Now or later?
  • Kids or Career?
  • New York or Florida?
  • Raise the family here or there?
  • Sports car or Mini Van?
  • Rock or Easy Listening?
  • Take that job or stay put?
  • Lease or buy that car?
  • Red or White?
  • Weight Watchers or Quick Weight Loss or…?
  • Wear that dress or this one to my daughter or son’s wedding?
  • Buy this or that for my grandchildren?
  • SS at 62 or 65?
  • New hip now or later?
  • Retire here or retire there?
  • Sell our home or stay?
  • Cataract surgery now or later?
  • Townhouse, condo or one level?
  • Tennis or Pickleball?
  • …………………?

There will be other very important decisions in our future but I’m not going there at this point.  I’m just not ready for all THOSE decisions.  You know what I mean.  

As Yogi Berra allegedly said. “When you come to the fork in the road, take it!” 



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