I betcha, if you are a woman, you have heard this all before!  At least you, perhaps, have thought the same.

I’m sorry, I just DO NOT understand men!  I know there is that Venus and Mars thing but I find myself more and more baffled the older that I get.

Men!  They just have to be doing SOMETHING to talk to each other.  Whether it be having a cigar, watching a football game together or a basketball game or…whatever…to have a conversation or the slight resemblance of a conversation.  Never a REAL conversation.

Talk on the phone?  Seldom.  Possible, yes, but the ‘talk’ is all very surface.  Nothing at all deep or important and never details.  Never!  No questions.

Women get to the ‘meat’ quickly and ask all the right questions so that when we talk…we actually TALK!  We know the details of which we are talking.  Yes sir and THANK YOU very much.

This is why it is incredibly frustrating for ME and women like me to have a conversation with a man about their conversations with other men.  No details!

I may learn, for example, from my husband that his brother is flying away to the Caribbean.

“Where exactly?” I may ask.

“Somewhere in the Caribbean,” he may answer.

“When is he leaving?” I will ask.

“I really don’t know.”‘

I may ask (getting frustrated now…) “You didn’t ask????”

“No I didn’t”….

“Well, do you know where he is staying at God knows what island?  Will he be gone a week or a month or is he MOVING there?  Is he going there to DIE and is he planning never to return?  Do you have any INFORMATION more than what you have told me?  Do you and your brother actually TALK or do you just GRUNT???????”

“We talk and I don’t know.”

A week or so later my husband may inform me, “My brother is back.”

“From the Caribbean?” I ask.  “Did he have a nice time?”

“I don’t know.”

Our conversation ends abruptly with my thinking…”Good Lord!  What’s the use??!!”

And so it goes.  MEN!!  How do they survive?


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2 thoughts on “LESSON #49 – MEN!

  1. Linda Siegrist says:

    True musings! Maybe your next blog can be on how men lack “memory “.


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