LESSON #32 – New York, New York

Election-button.jpgCan’t help it.  I have to sit down and speak my mind.  WTH is happening to this country?

New York.  My brother-in-law went to vote today.  He lives in Brooklyn.  No ID necessary, no bills to the home, no license, no NOTHING.  He could easily have returned to the polling place and placed his father’s vote even though his father is unable to vote any longer. He may have even been able to cast his vote for his Mother. Who knows?

Why is this?  What do you think???

We need a passport and two invoices mailed to the ‘new’ address to get a new driver license when we move to a new State.  Oh, and the ‘old’ State driver license. Why, in God’s name, do we NOT need a form of ID to vote for the person we want to be the next President of the United States?  Do we really want people who don’t have a stake in the game to vote for our leaders????

Everyone has something to show at the polling place to show they are the person who is voting.  Everyone has SOMETHING!!!

The newest is that thousands of voters in Brooklyn have been disenfranchised.  In other words….can’t vote.  Why is this???  Story at 11.

Why do we have super delegates?  The popular vote can go to Joe Blow but, never mind, Josephine Blow can win the majority of delegates and take the State.  Really?

Is anyone as disgusted as I am about this process?  I haven’t been paying attention obviously.  I am a political junkie but this year everything seems outrageous.  I am tired of it.

Discord, name calling, crookedness…..and it’s now in BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties.  She is the one in line to be elected (coronated) and he is giving her a real run for her money.  Well, folks, this girl hopes he takes it in NY and shakes her up but good.  No coronation in this country….only super delegates.

I hope Trump takes NY and shakes up the party but good also.  Kasich go home and Cruz…..what can I say??

By the time this is over in NY my blood pressure will be over the moon.  Peace be with me.

Thanks for listening.






4 thoughts on “LESSON #32 – New York, New York

  1. Spoke to my BIL to check the facts of voting at his polling place. He asked if they needed his license. “Nope” was the response. No ID was shown. He did, as usual, sign his name and I am guessing they checked the signatures. That’s it.


  2. Rant away friend! It will certainly keep us sane!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Leigh, I work the elections here in our state of Florida. I am positive that your brother in law had to have a signed , photo ID. Things here have changed a great deal and everything is computerized so half the time (which takes no time) people don’t even realize that they have been processed and are ready for their ballot. Sorry, I just had to say something. Drivers License, Military ID, even a photo signed credit card will work . Then the machine does all the work to check if you are legally registered to vote. If you have any questions, just ask. Ginny


  4. tprnj49 says:

    You are not alone in your frustration. Sadly most of the issues that are causing it are not fixable until after the elections are over. Oh yeah, no one will care then because some other silly thing will come up like world peace. 🤐 I would venture to say I have had quite a few of my FB friends make my posts invisible due to my rates and likes of posts.

    The saddest part is the only one to bring most of these issues to a head is Mr Trump the solo none politician. Yes, the systems are rigged but only because WE allow it to happen.

    My rant for the day.


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